Week of 4/7/08

Listen while you read!!!

Sunday 4-13-08-Recovery Day- a few had the day off and training day for others.Kellner and Tiffy did a long hard run on the tow path.  The duo did 5 mile steady in 37 minutes followed by 4 (Tiffy) and 5 (Kellner) at threshold.  Tiffy hit her first mile in 6:20 and was between there and 6:40 for her last 3 miles- Katie did her 5 miles in 30:35.  Strides after.  Good day.  McKee and Foy did 80 minutes at the tow path and were fortunate enough to see some foxes…..like the wildlife kind, so I guess Spring is in full swing.   6 miles at maintenance pace followed by 4 miles tempo(on track) in 22:24 5:36 pace, followed by a 1 mile cool down. Total of 11 miles.  Max did the 6 miles with me and then did 10 strides and core. 90 minutes in the pool for Brian. Keith did 20 minutes and strides.  Good week of training and racing!!! Now lets get ready for Mercer County Relays!!!. 

Saturday 4-12-08 –WROBO RELAYS. 

Friday 4/11/08- quick team meeting to determine tomorrow’s spots.  Afterwhich everyone split into groups.  Groups went from 20-50 minutes followed by core.  50 yen ran 20 minutes and a few drills followed by core and stretching. 

Thursday 4/10/08- For those of whom competed Wednesday we did a workout and concentrated on our goal races.  We split up into groups.  The weather was warm- upper 70’s and a little windy.  The 5:20 group (ladies who’re shooting to break 5:20, Shelby, Tiffy, and Tingy) ran a 1000m @ 3:20-3:22…rested until the clock hit 4:00 then ran 600m hard.  The 1000m was great but the 600 was a little rough, Sehlby led them home in 2:07 for a total of 5:27.  Everyone else was a few seconds back- good group- the girls jogged a lap before running 400’s in 74,78,77, and 75 on a 2:30 cycle.  Katie  was by herself and without spikes, nonetheless she ran 2X 1600 on a 6 minute cycle.  Her first 1600 was in 5:28, after 32 seconds of rest she came back with a 1600 in the low 5:40’s before cooling down a few laps and doing 10 barefoot strides.  The Md group of Becky and Jess did 500m in 1:24 (beck) and 1:28 Jess, rested until the clock hit 2:00 then charged a 300 in 55 (Becky) and 59 (Jess) for a total 800 combo of 2:19 and 2:27.  The Md girls followed by doing 3×300 @ Easy (race pace), medium, hard.  A select few did repeat 400’s in around 80 with a measured rest.  The Boys did variation sof the same workouts.  Foy and Mckee did 5 laps in 6:15, rested until 7 then ran three laps hard for a total of 3200m or work with 45  sec rest.  Foy’s time added up to around 10:03 and McKee hit 10:10.  Mancuso and Shoepfer ran their tune -ups for grat 1200 legs in a few weeks.  Mancuso hit 800 in 2:05 (Schoepfer a few strides back) and rested until the clock hit 3:00- once there they tore off 63 and 65 400’s for a total of 3:08 (Sam) and 3: 12 or so (Schoefs).  Both are very fit! The pair jogged a lap before coming back with 4x 400 in around 70 on a strict 2 minute cycle. The MD guys did the same 500/ 300 workout followed by 4 300’s.  Keith hit the 500 in 1:14, rested 45 seconds and ran 43 for a total of 1:57, everyone else followed closely.  400’s were all under 45.  Rest was rather generous on these.  All workouts ended with core.  Those who worked out yesterday ran 40-50 minutes, 10 strides, and core.  Great Day.  Brian did come bike followed by threshold in the pool.

Wednesday 4/9/08- Short team meeting. Those who didn’t run yesterday ran a workout.  After 13 minutes up, stretch, drill and strides the guys n’ gals did an 800 @ Goal Mile Pace (Frankel hit 2:23) 400 rest and 6×400 @ 70-71 with a 125m rest.  Girls averaged in the 80’s. Those who ran yesterday ran between 45 (girls) and 50 (dudes) minutes followed by strides and core.  Katie and Tiffy hit the canal for 10 miles at just under 8 min/ mile followed by 10x 100m strides while Mancuso and McKee hit around 11.5 followed by ten strides.  Great weather! 50 yen did 50 minutes on the bike in the morning followed by  his first run back (10 minutes easy).  It hurt but it was definitely runnable.

Tuesday- those not running the meet ran 45 (ladies) to 50 (dudes) minutes followed by strides. Those running the meet performed exceedingly well with few exceptions.  Performances that stood out included Kellner, Tiffy and Tingy’s 1600 (5:12, 5:32, 5:34), Shelby’s textbook perfect 800 win – I wish I had that on tape- just perfect– Calder and Beck were right behind with Becky running 2:28 and Calder improving 10 seconds in 3 days with a 2:30- we really have to think about running under 9:50 this weekend in the girl’s 4×8 and going after the county’s best the next week! I would have liked to see Schoef’s andf Foy hang in there a little longer but I think the guys ran just about as well as can be expected at the spoint in the season based onthe density of training we’ve had.  Schoef’s set a West Windsor Plainsboro South All-Time Frosh record in the mile with a pretty sweet 4:37, Foy also Pr’d in 4:39 with Scmitty (tying his own pr of 4:48), Margiotta and Sameer all turning out lifetime bests for 1600 in 4:52 and 4:53.  The boy’s 800 didn’t go all that well but we rebounded and finished the day with some very good 3200m.  Mancuso ran what may be the fastest Pirate dual meet 3200 (9:43) accomplishing his pre-race goal of hitting the mile in 4:45 (he hit 4:44).  Kevin ran his fastest 3200 to date in 10:05-6 and McKee prd with a 10:25.  On the girls side KATIE RAN HER SECOND MILE IN 5:27 to work on her goal pace.  I have to believe that if Katie doesn’t get caught in the rear she can run under 10 for 3k (equivalent to a 10:44 deuce – which is ridiculous for a high school girl. The crazy thing is the strength of Ting Ting who followed up her huge pr in the 1600 with a very respectable 12:16 while Ashley ran a solid 12:41. The 4×4’s were pretty eventful as well- Brad ran a very respectable 54 while Keith finished the day running his 2nd 50 point of the day sandwhiching a stand up 23 flat in the 200m.  The girl’s side was even more impressive, 4 distance girls ran 66 or better!!!!!  Jessica tore up a 65!- as did Becky! Great things are around the corner!!!!! Lets stay on it and get things going!!!!!  Brian did an hour of bike in the morning.  Then before the dual meet, did a pool workout.  Did a 2 minute on 2 minutes off type of thing.  Each two minute interval was all out.  He felt like he was about to die after each one.  Did 8 of them.

Monday 4/7/2008- For those competing tomorrow it was a pre meet day of 35-40 minutes followed by 10 strides.  Everyone else did a 4.25 mile threshold run (lil’ Church) followed by an easy jog cooldown and strides, pretty good run for some. Brian did an hour on the bike in the morning followed by an hour of pool running later in the day. Let’s get after it tomorrow!!!! Congrats to Katie Kellner for being accepted today into the prestigious Penn Relays 3000m  and her little sister Caroline who broke 6 minutes in the mile for the first time today!!!!

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