Week of 4/28/08

Sunday 5/4/08-Sat crowd gets in their long run today- most everyone else – off- good week- we’re ready for anything. 

Saturday 5/3/08-last tow path run as a pirate for Tiffany and Santhiya, kids did a long easy aerobic run to maintain their aerobic integrity while allowing yesterday’s workout to sink in.  Varsity guys ran between 12-13 and Kellner ran just under 12 in 86 minutes- everyone looked good- nice weather for a long run, 50 and cloudy.  10-12 strides after. 

 Friday 5/2/08- easy run for those who ran the Subapalooza and core led by the fightin fergs, for those doing a workout- standard 13 up, rushed through drills and strides and everyone did work at race pace.  Sam led his group (Foy, Schoepfs, Scmidt, and wallack) through a mile drill, 3 laps at GP, rest til 4, and bulldoze a lap.  Mancuso hit 3:15/ 62 for a 4:17 total- everyone else hit hit 3:20’s and mid to upper 60’s, kids then jogged a lap and ran 4×400 in 68-71 on a strict 2 minute cycle.  800 group did 2*600 @ GP, with ample rest between and a few sharp 200’s at the end.  Keith hit 1:25 or a little faster and 1:26 followed his team mates, Jess hit 1:45 and slowed a bit on the 2nd- Santhiya right behind.  2 mile group did their 4-3-2-1.  Kellner hit 5:23/ 4 sumpin, 2:41 and 74 in trainers, Tingy right behind her.  Guys hit 4:53, 343/222/64 led by McKee. Great day!

Thursday 5/1/08/-sub5/6apalooza. See Race comments.
Wednesday 4/30/08- either comp. vs Trenton or pre-meet for Sub-a apalooza.

Tuesday 4/29/08-easy day for everyone followed bya few strides and core. 

Monday 4/28/08- workout day for all. Afternoon started with a short team meeting assigning groups.  Must have been tough for Katie after bustin loose a 1:27:38 1/2 marathon  yesterday but she got it done anyway and ran aggressive and tough.  Everyone did a short 13 minute warm-up followed by drills and strides (8).  Weather actually cooperated quite well and didn’t start to pour until after the workout.  JV kids- boys and girls did an 800 @ goal mile pace followed by a laps resta nd 5×400 @ GMP with a 12m jog between.  Kids ran aggressive and a few (Beck, Umar, Carmichael) had some breakthrough reps.  The 800 groups ran 4 reps of 5/8ths of their goal distance at RACE pace with suitable jog between.  Keith led the guys home in 71-74, most at 71.  Ladies ended up being Becky and Jess- both alternated the lead and looked great- Becky still battling a cold and weird ankle thing- plus she got close to their goal (87.5) with trainers on.  Good day- great to see the return of Darmofal with the MD guys. 1600 crowd changed their look this week with some short 800 pace training to get some bite into their legs these last few weeks of 2008.  Kids ran a 400 @ 58-60, 300’s at 45 or under, and 5* 200’s at 27-30. Looked good- what a great young group!!!  Ladies did the same workout with Tiff, Shelbs, Santhiya, Kayleigh, Facheema- all hit nice runs though Shelby felt her 70 minute hard run yesterday stayed in her legs a bit.  The 3200 crew of Jeff, Sameer, Max, Anil, Katie, Tingy, n Julio atemmpted 2X 2000m @ goal 2 mile pace with a 400 rest jog between sets- everyone fell short but some good marks were posted everywhere- weather wasn’t ideal- kids weren’t spiked up etc- Jeff hit 6:19/6:26, Sameer was right behind him both times and Kellner hit 7:07 and…..7:07 (5:41 pace) with Tingy trailing closely.  Kids looked great- Brian put himself through quite a bit of cross training in the pool and the bike at lunch.  Heck of a two days for Katie- everyone easy tomorrow- some easier than others- to get ready for a variety of things on Wednesday and 2nd sub a palooza.


 Well- when things don’t go our way the easiest thing to do is to point fingers. That’s ugly and goes against everything we believe in. If anyone needs to point a figure point it at me. I put each and every one of you up to this and will continue to do so as long as I’m in this sport- which as long as I get children with your courage and enthusiasm will be quite a while. Every success we’ve had is all of ours, and every defeat is all of ours, to be owned as a step to progress and a notch not unlike our many victories. This is ours, we’ll wear it and move on. Bottom line is physically we’re ready to run with the best- had we run our best we would have finished 8th or 9th, mentally I guess we have some work to do. Maybe I didn’t prepare you enough in that department- I’ll acknowledge this and work harder in the future, I promise. You guys and gals are the future, you can make the next few years extraordinary. We are capable of doing things that’ll put our team, our program, our family- at heights with the best there ever was. We can look back and say …. “Remember when at Penn…”. Greatness- however- doesn’t just occur- We have to earn the greatness. I’m up for it. I want to know that all of you are too. I want to know that you’re all committed to each other- that you’re all committed to this pursuit- that we’re in it for the singular purpose of accomplishing the collective great- to set sights on OUR limits and get after it, and that we support each other with friendship, a little love, accountability, and collectivity. That when we look back at our careers, as students, as athletes, as Pirate runners, and in my case, as a coach, that we can peacefully attest that we did our best- that we buried our hearts in the miles, that we saw it to the end, that we laughed ‘til the final chapter, that we NEVER GAVE AN INCH, that we turned a mindful eye against the fleeting and sophomoric distractions, that we , together taught ourselves the greatest and most human of lessons there is to learn- that life is WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT. Anything less is an existence- and an existence is flat out inhuman. If we commit to these truths and to the undying messages of this sport- of this life- then our success will live on and outlast our victories on the track and trails. You’ll become the best people in our world and carry on the most beautiful qualities there are. I Love you all- lets get after it.


Sub 5-a Palooza 4/23/08

Name Time
Connor (N) 4:58
Rob (N) 5:06
Austin (S) 5:07
Anil (S) 5:07
Fergs (S) 5:10
Matt (N) 5:11
Andrew O (S) 5:12
Casey (N) 5:15
Grant (S) 5:15
DJ (s) 5:17
Matt B (s) 5:18
Jonathan (N) 5:18
Andy Sleps (S) 5:19
Cheems (S) 5:21
Steve (N) 5:26
Alex (N) 5:26
Hershel (S) 5:27
Alex (s) 5:29
Sharing (s) 5:29
Hanson (s) 5:33
B Unit (s) 5:44
Saad (n) 6:05
Waris 6:09
Meers 6:14

The first sub 5 a aplooza went off without a hitch- had some North Kids come over and give it a try too. Pacesetters took them through 3 laps at pace. 

Week of 4/21/08

Listen while you read! 

Sunday 4-27-08- some did their long run today- Keith ran an hour,  Kellners invaded Allentown PA and Katie hammered a hilly half marathon at 6:41 a mile in 1:27:38 ands future Pirate Caroline Kellner had a HUGE breakthrough over 5k in 19:23…HOLY CRAP!!! Mother Anne sprinted a 25:13 and Father Steve had a pretty awesome day himself as he bulldozed a 1:37:33 !.   

Saturday  4-26-08-Easy run (first 1/2) on the tow path followed by the 2nd half @ threshold pace.  Mancuso ran the first portion (6.5) at 6:39 per mile- 43 minutes andf change- towing along Max , Sameer (who ran great), and Schoepfer.  At the turn around Mancuso started to roll off miles either right under or right over 5:50 to finish in 36 and change- overall a great longer run.  I don’t have the exact times on all of you but it seemed like a good overall day with a longer run in different terrain, Tiffy looked great as did Facheema and on and on- really coming together for a push to the top in the next few weeks.

Friday 4/25/08- Easy run

Thursday 4/24/08- Penn for Katie everyone else hit the track for as variety of workouts.  McKee, Foy, and the wonder sophs did 6 laps at goal pace followed by a short rest and a hard 2 laps. Foy hit 7:33/2:32 and everyone else settled in behind- overall not a great day.  800 dudes did their Bowerman 800 drill in sub 90, rest til 2 and kick home, all in all this grouip ran pretty well. This group followed with a few fast 200’s after a rest jog.  The ladies did similar workouts- highlighted by Tiffy and Tingy.  Tiffy ran 3 lap 1 lap with a rolling rest interval at 5 minutes, so she ran 4:09/ 73 for an amazing 5:22 drill in a workout!!!!! 800 girls did the same as the 800 dudes and cut 1:49/37.  Tingster solo’d a 5:51/5:59 with a scant 60 seconds rest.  This builds to an 11:50! You’re ready to roll girl!

Wednesday- 4/23/08- for many it was an easy day- some of us did a tad longer.  The it was time for the SUB a Palooza, some nice performances!! See Race Comments.

Tuesday 4/22/08-Either kids went very easy in prep for tomorrow’s FIRST EVER SUB 5 a APOLOOZA or they competed at the meet.  Some breakthrough runs today, Shelby runs 5:27, Jessica runs 2:26, , Schmitty 4:39- Wallach 4:40, Margiota 4:46, Sameer 4:48, Nate Ogden 62.7 in the 400 h, Santhiya 5:56 in the 1600, Brad 53 point in the 400, McKee 10:14 in the 3200, etc etc, we looked great! We’re doing amazing things, you all have no idea how proud we are of you!!! Just amazing!!!!!!! Get a note from your parents if you’d liek to attend Penn on Friday!!!!! 

Monday 4/21/08-Most kids did an easy run in prep for tomorrow’s dual vs. Hightstown.  Runs ranged from 40-90 minutes.  Katie, Tiffy and Ting Ting went to the tow path and ran a solid 80 minutes or so and strides, looked good the whole way.  Mancuso and Foy did an easy 12 (6:39 avg) , Schoepfer and McKee ran an easy 11 and Keith ran an easy 7.  Kids did relaxed 8-10 strides followed by easy stretching.  Brian did 65 minutes on the bike.  Half an hour later, pool ran for an hour. 

Tuesday 4/22/08- Brian did 40 minutes on the bike during gym class. then came back later and did a workout in the pool.  Did 8 sets of 3 minutes as hard as possible, two minutes rest.  Then broke for in the mile.  2:05 at the half, 3:07 at the 1200, then closed with a 49 for a 3:56.  On a side note, the meet against Hightstown went well.  More on the meet coming up.

Dual vs. Steinert

Girls sheet- steuinertdual08ladies.xls

Kayleigh- 100 second third lap blew yourt chances of a sub 6- however- if you can keep the same mindset you’ll be under before long!!! Great job out there!

Tingster- follow closer! You have to be able to latch on and go on autopilot- this gets more important as the season progresses. You’re doing great- hard aggresive effort this weekend!!!

Tiffy- great controlled effort- you’re ready to go under 5:30 this weekend!!

Santhiya- 2:47 at the half! Keep going out at that pace! You’ll stop dying and before you know it you’ll be under 5:50! I promise!

Ashmeister- your pr is 5:36 from Sophomore year- itd be nice to go get that mark!

Becky- you’re in the best shape of your life! Great move on the inside with 250 to go.

Shelby- you got gapped and didn’t fight back- two things you never do- stay close and be nasty in the last stretch.

Kellner- great job- you’re following directions and in tremendous shape!!!!!

Julio- if you can just lay back and stay cool you’ll exceed all tyour expectations! Just let go and have fun.

Jess- you fast girl!!! Lets use your speed and strenght to go after a great 800 time!

Boys sheet-steinertdual08.xls

Mancuso- great workout- 4:30 (220/210) woodmere in 17:12- 400 in 55.  You’re fast and your endurance is incredible- you’re in amazing shape- way ahead of those who came before you- you can break 4:20 THIS YEAR– great job executing this week in training- you’re soooooo fit.

McKee- simply stopped racing the last 200- first 1400 was fine- last 200 lacked fire- you need fire this weekend!!!

Keith- 30 second pr- wait til you see the tape- your stride is so large and quick it really looks like you’re jogging next to Frankel who’s ‘haulin butt’. Standing u and running 22.7 is sick…maybe we’ll work on starts.

Brad- you’re fast dude.  That’s natural fast too man- no tow path runs are going to prepare you for that- great job- way to step up to the challenge.

Wallack- wow- great race- ran tough and competed so well- you’re strong as an ox man.

Nate- great job in the hurdles- all those hours of hurdle practice are paying off…hahahaha- good work man- solid job in the 800 as well- have to be a mean SOB that last 200 though, mean mean mean

Foy- don’t settle dude- 2:06 is a BIG PR- but your old PR was not a good barmometer of your capability- you’re capable of alot- you’re an elite caliber runner.  Get mean out there. 

DJ- you just keep gettin’ better man- great job- lets fight to get under 2:10 and 5:00.

Hwang- sub 2:10 and 5- it’s right in fromt of you- lets go get it.

Max- one of your best races- pretty amazing! you doubled your mile pr from last year!

Anil- great fighting effort- monitor that heel and pay attention to your diet- hydrate stay after the core and you’ll break 10:30 soon.

Schmitty- great race man- you looked awesome- great last lap too (71) tells me there’s more in the tank- lets think about running under 10 this year- yuo can do it- lets make it a challenge and pursue it!

Schoepfs- you’re an animal- plain and simple- great run, 5:07/5:04.  You can break 10 this year! Sameer- you have to trick yourself and stay in it- don’t think about the finish line- think about what you can control- your last 3 laps killed you- you were there with 5 laps to go- then you lost contact- can’t lose contact though man- stay on it.

Franks- I dunno how I forgot to comment on this one- I’m dead tired and dumb, my apologies, Frankel- you’ve been tago’n with the 5 minute barrier for two full years! Great to finally bust way through it- you were tough and aggresive the whole race- really a great performance! Next week we’ll see what you can do in the 3200! Great job!!

Week of 4/14/08

Sunday 4/20/08- easy recovery or off.

Saturday 4/19/08-County Relays- Kids run great! Those not running met and ran with Mr. Siegel at the tow path for an 11 mile run. 

Friday 4/18/08-Most kids do a little pre meet and then head over to watch the Grover Meet.

Thursday- 4/17/08 –JV did an easy run of 40-50 minutes and strides/ core.  Varsity did a 3(ladies) to 4(dudes) mile warm-up followed by stretching and drills, then we did 20 minutes of light fartlek followed by some easy barefoot strides. Great weather- a little warm even, watched the tape from Tuesday afterwards.

Wednesday 4/16/08- JV boys and girls ran 13 minute warm-up followed by 2 800’s and 4 400’s @ goal mile pace rest was 125m jog, 2 lap cool down, strides, and core.  Boys who raced yesterday ran 40 – 50 minutes easy followed by 10 strides and core.  Girls who raced ran 45 minutes easy, 10 strides and core. 

Tuesday 4/15/08- For those not running the meet we ran 13 minutes warm-up followed by a 40 minute distance run.  Those running today worked around their goal races.  Some Great performances we’ll cover in race comments.  Mancuso did a superb workout- he carried his first 800 in the 1600 in 2:20 (2 mile pace) followed by his last 800 at 1600 goal pace for a 4:30 Sam followed this performance with Mckee and ran a Woodmere in 17: 12  (Mancuso) and 17:18 (McKee before Mancuso tore off a 400 in 55.  Foy worked on his speed (2:06/ 56) and Keith worked on his Strength with a 4:47 followed by a sensational  22.7- maybe the best performance came in the boys 3200 where 3 guys ran under 10:20 and all three are sophs or freshman.  The girls witnessed some great performances as well- Jessica Yan’s 62 OPEN 400, Kellner’s 2:26 was leaned out by Gabby Hunter’s 2:26 and saw 4 South Girls break 2:30! AWESOME!!!! Tiffany Hsieh won both girls distance races in controlled fashion.  Great job today! Wallack- just a freshman tears off a 4:48 followed closely by a 58 400- talk about strength!!! Ogden wins the 400 hudles and Brad works on his sprinting with a 53.9/ 24 double~!!!

Monday 4/14/08- JV girls ran 13 minute warm up and met at Community Park where we ran 42 minutes ( 3 minutes tempo, 3 minutes jog)  then finished with a cool down and core.   JV guys did 13 minutes up, drills strides and a 4.25 mile run at threshold, followed by a short cooldown and core.  Those running tomorrow dual vs. Steinert ran between 40 and 55 easy.  Katie and Tiffy ran 55 minutes and did 10 strides followed by core while Kevin, McKee, and Mancuso did Lenape for an 8.5 total. Brian did 45 minutes easy on the bike followed by 75 minutes in the pool. 


Girls Split Sheet – wrobo2008girls.xls 

Boys Split Sheet-wrobo2008boys.xls

Some Great Performances, Jessica Yan broke her pr in the 800 with 2:30- Kevin Foy won the 1600 in 4:36 and change- he looked great! Nate Ogden slid under 5 I’ll try to get the individual comments up as soon as I can.  Results are posted HERE.  We did the best with our splits and we’ll see what we can get up.  The sophomore boys SMR team broke the meet record int he Sprint Medley- Keith floated under 50 for the second time and Mancuso came up with a big pr at 800 in 2:02.6.  Everything’s moving in the right direction!!!  Becky gets huge PR in the 1600 at 5:45!! Girls Sophomore DMR had a thrilling victory over Hopewell and the Boys Sophmore DMR took home gold as well- both teams came up just short in the 4×8 but were there right to the end! Great job Pirates!

Dual Vs. North

Here are the split sheets!!


Shelby- your best race to date- awesome gutsy and savvy performance- you have a great shot at running close to 2:20 this season! Keep up the good work and stay motivated and positive!

Kellner- point blank- you’re in thre best shape of your life- your mile looked easy and you’re not anywhere near as fresh as you’ll be at Penn or MOC, your 3200 is a testament to your fitness- if you can maintain your present level of drive and health- and adhere to our racing goals- you’ll amaze yourself this year, at least two hard efforts this Saturday!

Tiffy- wow- where do I start? First off- that’s almost a PR in the 1600- in a race where you don’t have to go out at 75- and can stay closer to 80 you’ll run even faster- you’re certainly ready to chase the 5:20 barrier- great gutsy job doubling back in the 800 and tripling back in the 400- you’re a great leader!

Ting Ting- wow- awesome day- you looked smooth and in control in the 1600 and then came back strong in the 32-you’re a great team player- you’re in your best shape- stay the course and lets see where we can take this!

Kaleigh- you get better each week- lets take the steps necessary to break 6- be bold and brave- do the right things in training- keep your attitude where it’s been! You’re a great addition!

Becky- what a great race! What would have made it a perfect race would have been you staying on the heels of the leaders and going wide off that last turn- you have to resist the urge to get gapped- especially with these Spring winds.

Calder- 10 seconds in 3 days…….huh…..you’re way ahead of where you were last year- stay healthy and steady and work towards some idea of a dream goal (2:20) for this year! Keep getting strong in the core so we can avoid any injuries.

Santhiya- you’ll be back to where you want in no time- take safe and smart chances during your races and give yourself more creedit- you’re in great shape- know this!

Ash- look at your 1st mile – now look at your 2nd mile, you have to stay tough in there- think about competing- not surviving.

Julia- 2nd mile was rough kiddo- you have to stay positive, cool, and competitive out there.

Jess- you’re ready for a great 800!!!!


Schoepf’s- congrats on the freshman record! You’re outpacing some great athletes- you can go as far as you want in this sport. When I came here few had the guts to race with your mentality- I used to say “if you’re going to die- die on the las lap- but hang in there as long as you can”- you did that to a T- you and Kevin- look at yuor splits 65 (4:20), 2:15 (4:30) 3:24 (4:32), your body will adjust to this type of racing- it”ll adapt- and one day you’ll run those times- at your pace- sooner than later.

Nick- good through the 800- 3rd lap killed you (75) it pulled you out of the race- stay in there put your head down and race with emotion- good times are earned! 800 you held back- don’t hold back! You’re tougher than that!

Brad- break out! Take some chances! You’re going to have to get a license plate that reads “2:07” Lets move towards out goal- 400 was GREAT- you ran hard and loose!!!

Nate- come on man- that was silly- you have to get out there and hang tough- you were trying to survive!

Wallack- same as Nate- be bold and confident to be bold and confident- good habits lead to great races!

DJ- don’t be timid out there! Stay up near the front and fight fight fight.

Keith- you’re very fit and strong- we’re going to start thinking about Penn and MOC and using our speed in the last portion of the race- all the way through the line.

Sam- good solid race- but you hesistated on the 6th lap- know this- you can run with anyone– under 9:30 this year.

McKee- 5th and 6th laps you simply stopped running- (82’s) and carried that pace through the line.  We’ll work on this

Sameer- congrats on the sub 5! Looked good out there- all you guys are on my goal sheet to run under 4:45 this Spring- looks like we may have to readjust our goals! Go after 4:40!!!

Max- your strength points toweards the 3200 but your speed is going to allow you to run under 4:45- lets live breath and sleep  4:45 in our head- the closer yopu get to that the closer we get to 10!

Foy- great race- you hung in there and fought the whole way! You’ll be able to run with those guys in another month- trust me.  Keep racing like this- I’m proud of yuo- lay off the first lap though- you’re not there yet. Solid 3200- you’re fit!

Grant- good start – lets push towards 11! Your 2nd mile needs work! You competed well!!!