Week of 3/24/08


Saturday- 3/29/08 –First off congrats to everyone who  completed their 8 weeks of strength building in preparation for this years racing season- your commitment will pay off- now lets prepare to polish off the huge aerobic machine you’ve built with some pace and sharpening work.  We’ll continue to work hard and smart but our training phase we established 8 long weeks ago is …Finished, caput, done.   No more brutal tempo runs on Tuesday- no more awful 400’s on Thursday, and no more mungo huge distance/tempos on the tow path- there will be times when we do a bit of all three- just not all of them at the same time.Today we ran our customary distance- (5 min less than last week) and threshold work (one mile more than last week).  There were a few exceptions due to lingering illness and injury but by and large things went according to plan, newcomer Kayleigh (sp?) continues to improve and complimented her 45 minutes of aerobic running with miles of 7:28/7:42/ and 7:52 at threshold- awesome improvement! Distance runs vared from 45-65 minutes and tempo miles  included Tiffy @ (6:28/6:40, and 6:36) Shelby @ 6:24/6:36 and 6:28, the Yans at 6:52/7:40 and 7:30, Ash and Becky at 6:52 and 7:15 (soreness), Tingy at 6:39, 7:04, 7:12 and Katie @ 65 solid minutes (7:30) followed by 5 miles @ 31:51- probably her best long run to date! Guys worked very hard as well- Mancuso had by far his best long run to date with a solid distance run of 10.1 miles at 6:35 pace, followed by 5 miles at 30:31 for around 1:37-8.  Great things to come for Mancuso.  McKee did the same run and the same 5 miles in 30:50. Foy made a huge leap forward with a sweet 14-15 miler finishing in 32:30., Sameer was 33:30, Scmitty was 31:24, Max struggled home in fromt of Anil but got the work in. Austin followed his 60 minutes of run with miles of 6:25, 6:40 and 6:30.  Braskewitz had a solid day of work hitting miles of  5:52/6:15 and 6:23, Keith ad hismost admirable long day yet with a nice distance run (9ish) followed by miles of 6:15, 6:15, and 6:20.  He’ll be ready to roll by Penn!!!!! Great day! Sorry if I missed people- it was hard to keep things organized with s many great athletes working.  By the tail end we got to meet Olympic Silver Medalist and world champion rower Anna Cummins who was doing some training of her own on the tow path- pretty cool to see the dirt trail we run so many miles on be used by other athletes!!!  Great job kids! Lets get ready to concentrate on our racing this week! Most of us will be able to get in 2 good races!!! Go get them! Work hard, be tough, think BIG.  On a side note, Brian once again amazed people while he did his workout, this time dodging traffic at the West Windsor seminary pool.   He did 1 hour 45 minutes nonstop.  He felt horrible after the first 10 minutes but was able to get through it.  Brian can’t take much more of this.  After today, he’s getting really tired of the mentally taxing cross training.

Friday 3/28/08- everyone did between 20-40 minutes of easy distance followed by 10 strides (last 5-6 barefoot).  Everyone did core afterwards, Ashley made up her workout and avg. 84 on her 400’s, Nate did his MD workout of 4×300 in 56, 65, 65 with full recovery, lookd like Steve Cram on the first one. Looking forward to ending our training cycle tomorrow- should be awesome!  Brian did 40 minutes on the bike in the morning.  Then later on at night, he did 55 minutes in the pool. Warmed up for five minutes, tempo for 40 minutes, then swam for 10 minutes.  Felt good despite being surrounded by prepubescent girls giving him weird looks while he appeared to be drowning.

Thursday 3/27/08- everyone completed a 13 minute warm-up followed by drills and strides.  We finished a huge cycle today- we started this cycle on February 7th- at that point the guys were averaging 75 seconds and the girls were slated to average 83.  This has progressed to today where the boys team had anywhere from 6-8 guys under 70 and the girls leaders averaged 76! It’s tough to see improvement at a second a week but the adaptation has been significant.  The boys leaders hit splits of 66,66,66,65,,64,66,67, and 65.  Many were tucked closely behind. Keith did a great job pressing the pace for the 1st several.  Mancuso did a variety of thr workout where he and Foy began the workout at their mile goal pace.  Mancuso was aiming more towards his 1200 pace (4 weeks til Penn) and ran a very controlled 2:06.  Foy ran a rusty 2:17 but followed less than a minute later with a 65.  The girls hit 76,75,77,77,75,81 (ouch), 78, and 76.  Looked very controlled. Katie did a variation of the workout to hit 2:38, 77,77,76, 77 and finished with a 2:41, add that up for a two mile! Everyone looked great! the weather was sloppy but there was no wind and the temperature wasn’t too cold- actually pretty good running weather. Can’t wait to see us race next week!!!!!  Brian did an hour on the bike at a good clip.  He’s getting tired of busting his behind everyday knowing that he’s still getting out of shape despite putting in so much work.  But that’s besides the point.  If everything goes according to plan, there’s no reason why the boys can’t be DMR champs at Penn relays.  Following the bike, did a circuit in the weight room.  Pull ups, dips, core, and some leg stuff to maintain his sexiness.

Wednesday 3/26/08- easy day for most.  Facheema and Shelby had to make up the work from yesterday.  Shelby started out well- began to crap out- so she finished with two cruise intervals @ 3:10 and 3:16- solid day- Facheema not too into it today. Everyone else did an easy day followed by drills, strides, and core work- great weather.  Keith in his ongoing quest not to run anything over 400 feet stayed on the track and worked on his pace work, he hit 400’s in 57, 55.5, and 56.5 with full 400 rest between, hurdle drills following- looked great.  Big day tomorrow! Spike up and psyche up! Brian got word from the doctor that it’s not a stress fracture- a deep muscle strain- so that’s good news of sorts.  Brian got into the pool again.  Did 1 hour and 35 minutes, the last 15 being nearly impossible.  All the parents who took their kids there for swimming lessons, along with the lifeguards reveled in his perseverent work ethic, which mirrored a drowning donkey.

Tuesday 3/25/08- meet at school at 8:30 am.  Run three miles warm-up (woodmere) and meet at community park.  Goal is to run one more loop on the 1150 then we did last week. We did drills and strides becuase it was the morning. Keith warmed up with the team then did 4×1150 with the varsity- in between reps he would do a quick jog before sprinting up the Community Park Mt. Looked good, poor Darmofal- ridden senseless with mono warmed up and did 20 strides, he’s struggling right now, several kids out with intestinal stuff- so everyone watch it.  Everyone looks good- some times suffered I think due to time of day and temp.  I think Mancuso was troubled with Jeff McKee flying by him in full spandex, no shirt, and an untied shoe….hahahahah.  It was good work- Foy’s comign back fast- this finishes our big tempo series, from here on out most of us will continue to do threshold runsbut they will become shorter and be introduced into the long runs and workouts more.  Everyone looks great- I have to say- knock on wood- this is the best winter training group I’ve coached- go look at the training- we’ve been at our current patern for about 2 months!!! Now let’s get ready to start racing! 

Athlete 1150 loop X_________ Time:
Max 10 47:00
Sameer 10 47:00
Wallack 8 36:51
Schmitty 10 44:01
Anil 10 47:00
Fergs 6 29:58
Fergs 6 29:58
Foy 11 49:10
McKee 11 46:40
B-Unit 9 48:30
Dharin 5 30:50
Umar 9 48:20
Grant 10 52:28
Sheron 6 31:15
Woris 2 sets of 3 laps NA
Mancuso 8 laps plus 3 laps on 5 minute cycle. 1st 8 loops @ 5:42 -5:50 / 3 x1150 on a 5 minute cycle. (4:07, 4:02/3:59)
Ladies 1150 x Time-
Tiffy 9 44:52
Tingy 9 48:02
Ashy 9 48:38
Santhiya 8 46:08
Becky 6 32:08
Julio 9 51:30
Jessica 9 49:30
Kaleigh 4 24:03
Lisa 5 31:30
Mai Shins hurt
Soumya 5 37:01
Laura 4 na

Brian did 1:45 in pool with the last portion at at a ‘very hard’ effort in pool with old people doing therapeutic excercises.  Good effort- Mancuso, McKee and Foy do 11.5-12 total at an honest clip.  Nice work.

 Monday 3/24/08-Easy run at school with Coach Siegle @ 8:30 a.m. strides and core after.  Brian runs a lap and doesn’t feel so swell yet- decides to cross train instead. Brian does 65 minutes in pool.

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