Week of 3/17/08

Listen while you read.

Monday 3-17-08- Quick team meeting.  Runners get an easy day to prep for tomorrow’s threshold, nice weather out kids run anywhere between 30 (jv) to 50 mintes followed by 10 strides.  Keith does a few Canato’s following his run and Wallach does 6x150m in sets of 2 (1600pace, 800pace, 400pace).  Everyone does core following. Good weather 55 and sunny.

Tuesday 3/18-08- Threshold work. 3 miles up, kids did one more 1150 loop than they did the previous week.  Novice group completed two laps at a time as opposed to one.  Some notable performances included Mancuso’s 10 laps @ 41:22 for 5:42 a mile on grass. Workout is listed here.  (copy-of-3-11.xls) Brad and Keith go to the track and 2x500m 2x400m and 2x300m followed by 3×200.  Wallack finishes with 3x200m on the back end of his tempo.  Kids looked great. Lets be smart and attack the workout on Thursday- easy and core tomorrow- they’re calling for rain so dress for the elements. 

Wednesday 3/19/08-Easy day for most- Katie does an easy run then starts a few fast 200’s with ‘coes’ in between. Brian Leung spends an hour pool running.  Mancuso said his kneeish area hurts.   Group core after, runs span from a 9 plus mile lenpare loop to a 5 mile 40 some minute run, short team meeting first- REMEMBER TO SEND YOUR BIO PICTURE…AND NO TING TING I DON’T MEAN ..

Thursday 3/20/08-

Kids met at the track before congregating to quickly stretch, drill and stride- we had to ‘dubba time’ because there was a lacrosse scrimmage that had track time @ 4:00. Nonetheless the guys n gals managed to once again get a great workout in. The girls averaged around 78-79 in horribly windy conditions- Katie ran about 76-77 looking very strong- JV hovered around 88-95. Guys gutted out as great workout- Mancuso muscled out consistent 65-66 into the wind and Foy and company followed suit- everyone looked great- no complaining- no moaning- WHAT A GROUP! 2nd boys group was hitting 75-80 at the front- looked great- newcomer Carmichael and several freshman finished the whole workout (never ran before!!). Great time- whole thing managed to be done by 4:03- pretty awesome!!!! Light core after. Brian biked 30 minutes at lunch and pool ran for 75 minutes for 1:45 of aerobic activity- shin gradually improving. 

Friday 3/21/08– easy recovery run for most before tomorrow’s long run.  Brian did 80 minutes in the pool while Coach Wayton took part in some body rockin’ excercise of his own.

Saturday 3/22/08- weather ended up cooperating with us more than I expected- kids did well- I met with Katie and Schmitty at 8:30 so they could get to other obligations- Schmitty did about 10 miles at 6:45 pace followed by miles of 5:41, 5:45, and 5:40- looked great! Katie did a little under 10 miles followed by 4  miles at 6:00,6:13,6:14 and 6:12 for a hair under 14- looked strong!!! Everyone else showed up around 9:30 and did their long ruin followed by miles at threshold.  Foy did about 70-75 minutes (no watch_ followed by 3 miles at 17:05- looked awesome- he’s coming back fast.  Lisa Sher tore off a 7:11, Schoepfer did his last 3 miles in 5:40-43 pace, Mckee did 11.5 miles at an up-tempo pace followed by 4 mile sin 23:33 for 15.5 miles in about 1:41!!!.  Graham Alig (ww-p alum) wasn’t far behind in 24 flat- good work today!!! We’re putting the puzzle together!!! The ladies did great- Tiffy and Ashley did 3 miles at threshold at thesh. following their distance run- everyone looked great- Mancuso felt crappy but still gutted out 14 plus miles!!!

Sunday 3/23/04- Easy run oyo!!!

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