Indoor 2007-2008

We’re doing it!!!!!! you kids really have thrown it all out there- at the begining of our season I’m pretty certain that the indoor school record for the boys dmr stood at 10:55.06 – this eason we hammered home a 10:18.76 that sits 20th in STATE HISTORY.  Three years ago the  school record for the boys indoor 3200m stood at 9:41 (Graham Alig)  Now we have the All-Time state record at 8:59.66.  We have a freshman boy who through a little otughness and consistecy has run faster over a mile then any freshman boy before him at South- we have a sophomore wo runs 4:27 indoors- a sectional champion at 800- nearly a dozen young men under 5- girls who work hard and lay it on the line to compete when others would fold- a young lady who – when she’s ready- can become amongst the country’s best. Things are moving! Well what do we do now? We put it out there!!! We become a program that people talk about for ever- we do all the right things!!!  That’s what we do– we build on what we’ve done- we take utmost pride in our team- we take it upon ourselves to make the utmost recognition that BRIAN’S SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!!! That kid was a runtish sophomore three years ago who made all the same mistakes that any one of you have/ do make- he lacked competiveness at times, he made stupid mistakes, he lost contact- he did it all!!!! What he learned to do is find consistency– find health- stay away from the drinking, the partying,  etc- he denied himself and he sacrificed everything that the other kids will soon forget anyway- the stupid parties, the trouble etc.  Anyone can break the rules and not give it their all- anyone!!!  Those kids are a dime a dozen!!!!  But if you do the right thing- IF WE …WE DO THE RIGHT THING and lay it all out there you get to touch greatness.  How great do we want to be? How special can we make this??? What are we going to do about it?????!!!!! Where is the NEXT 8:59 guy????? Who’s going to give Katie some company??????? We have tons of awesome kids on the team- lets go- Lets go!!!!