Week of 3/10/08

Listen while you get inspired.

Sunday 3-16-08- Most kids take off or do an easy run.  Brian Leung runs a NJ state record 8:59.66 for 3rd place at Nike Indoor Nationals in Landover Md.

Saturday- 3/15/08- Kids ran 60-80 minutes at M pace followed by 2-3 miles at Threshold pace. Schoepfer and Katie race down in Maryland.  Schoepfer runs a Pirate best for a mile for a freshman in 4:43 and Katie runs a respectable 18:01 for 5th!

Friday 3/14/08- Kids do a recovery run (4-7) followed by core work.

Thursday 3/13/08- 13 minute warm-up, guys hit 10x 400m in 66,65,67,66,64,65,65,64,63,64, Mancuso and Keith led the first 6, Mancuso the last 4. Girls did 74,78,78,78,78,78,80,78, same 125m rest, short cooldown. Darmofal did the Pole vault because he drinks Mt. Dew and thinks he’s “x-games material”. Good workout- perfect weather.  Everyone looked great- the cycle began every 2:45 but the pace was fast- Foy looked great- the sophomore crew looked great- we had 4-7 guys under 70 on every one! You people are fit- the girls work together like a college team! Awesome!!!!!! heck Grant averaged 75!!!  Great work by all of you!!Wednesday 3/12/08- Recovery day. Ran 30 to 45 minutes followed by 5 to 8 strides and core. Kellner ran 8 400s @ 78 seconds, 2:30 intervals. Scheopfer ran 8 400s @ 70 seconds, 2:20 intervals. Brian did 5 mile tempo (5:15, 5:16, 5:16, 5:15, 5:16) followed by 8 400s @ 68 seconds, 2:00 intervals. All did 4 strides after. Weather was cold and windy.

Tuesday 3/11/08- Threshold day. 3 miles warm-up. Times are listed (3-11.xls) <- there. Core after. Lots of people looked good, Katie and Sam looked incredible (5:54/mile)- McKee had another solid day and Schoepfer Schmitty and Franks had a nice pack- good work. Foy’s first half was awesome- Tiffy and Tingy looked strong as did Shelby and Ashy, Becky etc- we’re getting there!!! Freshman and novice did 4-5 1150 loops. Looked good- some real talent in there!!! For the top guys – you did 3 miles up plus 6.4 miles and a jog down- that’s 10 miles! Top girls did around 9. Very impressive!!! 50 yen did 30 minutes on the bike am and 30 minutes easy pm plus strides- very encouraging as his shin’s been sore.Monday 3/10/08-Most folks did an easy 35-40 minutes followed by group stretch, drills, and strides. The senior boys warmed up and did the classic 4-3-2-1. Darmofal broke 5 for the first time in 4:56, followed by Brad in 5:10, the 1200 was a hardy 4:02, they came back with a 2:25/2:27 and a 58/ 61 to finish up though. Nick came back and did a 5 mile mile warm-up followed by a 5 mile threshold at 6 minute pace and a mile down to make it an 11 mile day. 50 did 2 twenty minute bike rides to rest a sore shin. We’re doing a great job- we have to support our progression as a team and encourage the newcomers to stay with it so they someday may become the next piece of our pirate puzzle. We have about 3 weeks of hard grunt work until we start the logical progression towards our ultimate goals, Penn Relays, State Championships and beyond- I’m proud of all of you. Lets get after it!!!!!!

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