Week of 3/3/08


Monday 3/3/08- Most kids just did easy distance followed by a few strides.  50 did a about  11 between two runs. At lunch he did 4 followed by 6.5 plus strides for about 11 on the day.  Katie and Tiffy headed over to the tow path for a longer run.  They hit the 5.5 out and back to Carnegie Rd. and the Peacock house.  Katie and Tiffy hit 43 flat on the way out (7:48 pace) and pick it up on the way back.  Katie hit 40:40 (7:23 pace)  and Tiffy hit 41:20 (7:30 pace).  Katie rested about 2 minutes then ran the marked mile in 5:55 for 12 miles in 1:29 and change.  Both ladies did 4 strides after.  Weather was warm but windy. 

 Tuesday 3/4/08

Most kids to a 13 minute warm-up then a 10k tempo on the Big St. David’s loop (3-4-08.xls) followed by two laps and 10-12 strides.  Keith runs 3 miles on the track in 17:45.  He didn’t enjoy it. But it was a good start.

50 yen (4 miles am) and Schoepfer run 4 miles up- stretch drills strides (8) then get into their workout.  Brian runs a 4:32 1600, rests 28 seconds, run a 2:16 800, rest 44 seconds- runs a 2:07, amounts to 8:55, jogged a lap an ran 6×600 @67-70, mostly 67 on a strict 2 minute cycle-, Schoepfer runs an 800 in 2:17- rests 43 seconds- then runs 2:15- (amounts to a 4:32) followed by the same 6×400- 2 laps and 4 strides cd.  Great workout. Core after. Katie and Tiffy run easy 40 minutes plus strides.

Wednesday 3/6/08– Most guys did an easy 40 minutes plus 10 strides.  Brian runs 4.5 am and 6.5 PM.  Katie had to her tempo today (4 mi) she ran 20 minutes up despite very strong winds she managed miles  @ 5:55, 11:55, 17:53, 23:47, followed by a few laps easy and 8 strides with alum Kay Beach. Core after.

Thursday 3/6/08-  Brian (3 miles am) and Schoepfer did a 20 minutes warm-up followed by their tempos.  50 ran 32:51 (5:16, 5:16, 5:13, 5:16, 5:15, 5:12, 77) then rested for about a minute or so before running an 800 faster than race pace.  He ran 2:08 (65, 63).  Schoepfer ran 5 miles (5:36, 11:32, 17:22, 23:30, 29:20).  Both did easy jogging after and strides.  Rest of the groups did 13 minutes up stretched, drills, strides and 8*400 with 125m rest.  Guys hit 65, 67, 67, 67, 66, 64, 64, 64, 65.  Girls hit 73, 76, 78, 77, 76, 76, 77, 76.  Easy jogging after.   

Not really anything to do with training but everyone should watch this Heather girl from Minnesota in the 600m………tough!!!

Friday 3/7/08- quick team meeting followed by an easy run- weather was horrible- rainy and cold- core after as a team.

Saturday 3/8/08- easy run oyo (on your own). Weather was warm but rainy.  Hopefully kids all watched track or were perusing Flotrack to watch Indiana State’s Erica Moore run the 6th fastest time in D1 at 2:05.7 and Indiana State’s Men’s DMR qualify for Nationals.  

Sunday 3/9/08-

Practice at 12:00 PM at Alexander Rd. and the DnR canal- Turning Basin Park. Directions to Park here It was the Tale of Two Long runs- it was the best of times, it was the worst of times,Brian hit 15 in 90:00- it seems about half of us had cruddy runs and the other half got great work in. I got in as many kids as I could- here’s what I have-the beginners got in about 5 steady miles followed by aone mile repeat harder than their previous pace. Andrew hit 6:20ish, as did B-Unit. Robin hit 7:09 and Lisa Sher hit 6:47. McKee and Mancuso got in about 90 minutes at 6:45 pace followed by 2 miles at threshold for 15 total. Mancuso didn’t feel so well and as evident by his body language      was less-than- thrilled to be running the threshold miles-nonetheless he got ’em in and made one more step towards being a champion. Foy hit 80 steady minutes followed by one mile at 6:00.Kellner hit 82 minutes (back 3 minutes faster) and ran her last mile in around 6:00. Keith did 70:00 minutes with his new training partner Grant and ran one mile in a miraculous 5:20 (how does he do it?). Here’s some reading material on Peter Snell and Arthur Lydiard. Others either couldn’t make it because of religious and medical commitments or had some bad stomach cramps that hindered their effort. All in all- Pretty Good day!!!

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