Week of 3/31/08

Sunday 4/6/08- Girls and guys meetign up on their own for a modest long run on their own.  Girls meeting at the tow path for a 60-70 minute run and strides.  Some core wouldn’t hurt!!!!

Saturday 4/5/08- Those not running at Howell today legged out between 75 (ladies) and 85 (dudes).  Good weather, good group!Brian ran in the pool for an hour and 50 minutes- for those of yuo who don’t understand what “running int he pool” means- most people (me) needed an aquajogger to stay bouyant- Not Brian- in fact he doesn’t use his arms to make it more difficult- so he runs in the pool as if he’s on a unicycle- today he dodged through various kids, special needs folks, and older people while running 1:50…..whew.   Sick

Friday 4/4/08- Either a healthy dose of pre meet or a little competition at the Howell Relays.  Some sweet performances today!

Thursday 4/3/2008- Blend of different things going on today.  Those competing tomorrow ran 20 minutes with strides, everyone else did 20 min. warm-up and a blend of tempo and repeat 400’s on a 2 min cycle (boys) or a 2:30 cycle (girls). McKee did a 40 min tempo at 5:50 pace.  Foy and Mancuso did 30 minutes (5.24) miles at 5:43 pace.  MD guys did 20 minutes at threshold and 6 400’s, Mancuso and Foy did 6, Schoef’s does 4.  MD guys do 6.  Most girls did 6.  Actually a great day for a crappy situation. 

The tempo section of thr workoutis listed here.





























































 Happy birthday Tingy!!!!  Brian did 30 minutes on the bike during gym class.  Then did another hour on the bike during his study hall.  Then he went into the pool and did a workout with Frankel.  15 minute warmup,  then 30 minutes at tempo, then 5 minutes cooldown.  Total of 2 hours 20 minutes. 

Wednesday 4/2/08- Most kids do a 40-45 minue distacne run followed by strides (8 g, 10 b) JV guys do 6 400’s with  a 125m jog, averaged around 73, short cooldown and everyone does core after.  Brian got in nearly 3 hours of cross training followed by physical therapy.  Started out with an hour on the bike during gym class.  Then did 50 minutes in the pool with Ms. Spicer during lunch, who is in ridiculous shape by the way.  After school, got another 40 minutes on the bike.   Total of 2 hours 30 minutes.

Tuesday 4/1/08- Easy run for most or dual meet at Notre Dame.  Brian did a 30 minute warm-up in pool followed by race sim in pool followed by a steady 20 minute cooldown.  Some awesome performances at ND! See race comments for details.

Monday 3/31/08-  kids competing tomorrow do an aerobic 45 minutes followed by strides (8 for girls and 10 for dudes) followed by light core and stretching.  Those not competing tomorrow do a 13 min. warm-up followed by drills and strides.  Then they completed a ladder, 800, 600, 400, 200 with half the distance of the last repeat rest in between each.  Some good times were hit that I’ll add in tommorrow- notably DJ clipped off a 2:22 800! Pretty awesome! Brian, Ian (he IS alive) and Darmofal hit the pool for an hour (Brian did an hour of biking this morning as well).  Lets go at them tomorrow!!!

Week of 3/24/08


Saturday- 3/29/08 –First off congrats to everyone who  completed their 8 weeks of strength building in preparation for this years racing season- your commitment will pay off- now lets prepare to polish off the huge aerobic machine you’ve built with some pace and sharpening work.  We’ll continue to work hard and smart but our training phase we established 8 long weeks ago is …Finished, caput, done.   No more brutal tempo runs on Tuesday- no more awful 400’s on Thursday, and no more mungo huge distance/tempos on the tow path- there will be times when we do a bit of all three- just not all of them at the same time.Today we ran our customary distance- (5 min less than last week) and threshold work (one mile more than last week).  There were a few exceptions due to lingering illness and injury but by and large things went according to plan, newcomer Kayleigh (sp?) continues to improve and complimented her 45 minutes of aerobic running with miles of 7:28/7:42/ and 7:52 at threshold- awesome improvement! Distance runs vared from 45-65 minutes and tempo miles  included Tiffy @ (6:28/6:40, and 6:36) Shelby @ 6:24/6:36 and 6:28, the Yans at 6:52/7:40 and 7:30, Ash and Becky at 6:52 and 7:15 (soreness), Tingy at 6:39, 7:04, 7:12 and Katie @ 65 solid minutes (7:30) followed by 5 miles @ 31:51- probably her best long run to date! Guys worked very hard as well- Mancuso had by far his best long run to date with a solid distance run of 10.1 miles at 6:35 pace, followed by 5 miles at 30:31 for around 1:37-8.  Great things to come for Mancuso.  McKee did the same run and the same 5 miles in 30:50. Foy made a huge leap forward with a sweet 14-15 miler finishing in 32:30., Sameer was 33:30, Scmitty was 31:24, Max struggled home in fromt of Anil but got the work in. Austin followed his 60 minutes of run with miles of 6:25, 6:40 and 6:30.  Braskewitz had a solid day of work hitting miles of  5:52/6:15 and 6:23, Keith ad hismost admirable long day yet with a nice distance run (9ish) followed by miles of 6:15, 6:15, and 6:20.  He’ll be ready to roll by Penn!!!!! Great day! Sorry if I missed people- it was hard to keep things organized with s many great athletes working.  By the tail end we got to meet Olympic Silver Medalist and world champion rower Anna Cummins who was doing some training of her own on the tow path- pretty cool to see the dirt trail we run so many miles on be used by other athletes!!!  Great job kids! Lets get ready to concentrate on our racing this week! Most of us will be able to get in 2 good races!!! Go get them! Work hard, be tough, think BIG.  On a side note, Brian once again amazed people while he did his workout, this time dodging traffic at the West Windsor seminary pool.   He did 1 hour 45 minutes nonstop.  He felt horrible after the first 10 minutes but was able to get through it.  Brian can’t take much more of this.  After today, he’s getting really tired of the mentally taxing cross training.

Friday 3/28/08- everyone did between 20-40 minutes of easy distance followed by 10 strides (last 5-6 barefoot).  Everyone did core afterwards, Ashley made up her workout and avg. 84 on her 400’s, Nate did his MD workout of 4×300 in 56, 65, 65 with full recovery, lookd like Steve Cram on the first one. Looking forward to ending our training cycle tomorrow- should be awesome!  Brian did 40 minutes on the bike in the morning.  Then later on at night, he did 55 minutes in the pool. Warmed up for five minutes, tempo for 40 minutes, then swam for 10 minutes.  Felt good despite being surrounded by prepubescent girls giving him weird looks while he appeared to be drowning.

Thursday 3/27/08- everyone completed a 13 minute warm-up followed by drills and strides.  We finished a huge cycle today- we started this cycle on February 7th- at that point the guys were averaging 75 seconds and the girls were slated to average 83.  This has progressed to today where the boys team had anywhere from 6-8 guys under 70 and the girls leaders averaged 76! It’s tough to see improvement at a second a week but the adaptation has been significant.  The boys leaders hit splits of 66,66,66,65,,64,66,67, and 65.  Many were tucked closely behind. Keith did a great job pressing the pace for the 1st several.  Mancuso did a variety of thr workout where he and Foy began the workout at their mile goal pace.  Mancuso was aiming more towards his 1200 pace (4 weeks til Penn) and ran a very controlled 2:06.  Foy ran a rusty 2:17 but followed less than a minute later with a 65.  The girls hit 76,75,77,77,75,81 (ouch), 78, and 76.  Looked very controlled. Katie did a variation of the workout to hit 2:38, 77,77,76, 77 and finished with a 2:41, add that up for a two mile! Everyone looked great! the weather was sloppy but there was no wind and the temperature wasn’t too cold- actually pretty good running weather. Can’t wait to see us race next week!!!!!  Brian did an hour on the bike at a good clip.  He’s getting tired of busting his behind everyday knowing that he’s still getting out of shape despite putting in so much work.  But that’s besides the point.  If everything goes according to plan, there’s no reason why the boys can’t be DMR champs at Penn relays.  Following the bike, did a circuit in the weight room.  Pull ups, dips, core, and some leg stuff to maintain his sexiness.

Wednesday 3/26/08- easy day for most.  Facheema and Shelby had to make up the work from yesterday.  Shelby started out well- began to crap out- so she finished with two cruise intervals @ 3:10 and 3:16- solid day- Facheema not too into it today. Everyone else did an easy day followed by drills, strides, and core work- great weather.  Keith in his ongoing quest not to run anything over 400 feet stayed on the track and worked on his pace work, he hit 400’s in 57, 55.5, and 56.5 with full 400 rest between, hurdle drills following- looked great.  Big day tomorrow! Spike up and psyche up! Brian got word from the doctor that it’s not a stress fracture- a deep muscle strain- so that’s good news of sorts.  Brian got into the pool again.  Did 1 hour and 35 minutes, the last 15 being nearly impossible.  All the parents who took their kids there for swimming lessons, along with the lifeguards reveled in his perseverent work ethic, which mirrored a drowning donkey.

Tuesday 3/25/08- meet at school at 8:30 am.  Run three miles warm-up (woodmere) and meet at community park.  Goal is to run one more loop on the 1150 then we did last week. We did drills and strides becuase it was the morning. Keith warmed up with the team then did 4×1150 with the varsity- in between reps he would do a quick jog before sprinting up the Community Park Mt. Looked good, poor Darmofal- ridden senseless with mono warmed up and did 20 strides, he’s struggling right now, several kids out with intestinal stuff- so everyone watch it.  Everyone looks good- some times suffered I think due to time of day and temp.  I think Mancuso was troubled with Jeff McKee flying by him in full spandex, no shirt, and an untied shoe….hahahahah.  It was good work- Foy’s comign back fast- this finishes our big tempo series, from here on out most of us will continue to do threshold runsbut they will become shorter and be introduced into the long runs and workouts more.  Everyone looks great- I have to say- knock on wood- this is the best winter training group I’ve coached- go look at the training- we’ve been at our current patern for about 2 months!!! Now let’s get ready to start racing! 

Athlete 1150 loop X_________ Time:
Max 10 47:00
Sameer 10 47:00
Wallack 8 36:51
Schmitty 10 44:01
Anil 10 47:00
Fergs 6 29:58
Fergs 6 29:58
Foy 11 49:10
McKee 11 46:40
B-Unit 9 48:30
Dharin 5 30:50
Umar 9 48:20
Grant 10 52:28
Sheron 6 31:15
Woris 2 sets of 3 laps NA
Mancuso 8 laps plus 3 laps on 5 minute cycle. 1st 8 loops @ 5:42 -5:50 / 3 x1150 on a 5 minute cycle. (4:07, 4:02/3:59)
Ladies 1150 x Time-
Tiffy 9 44:52
Tingy 9 48:02
Ashy 9 48:38
Santhiya 8 46:08
Becky 6 32:08
Julio 9 51:30
Jessica 9 49:30
Kaleigh 4 24:03
Lisa 5 31:30
Mai Shins hurt
Soumya 5 37:01
Laura 4 na

Brian did 1:45 in pool with the last portion at at a ‘very hard’ effort in pool with old people doing therapeutic excercises.  Good effort- Mancuso, McKee and Foy do 11.5-12 total at an honest clip.  Nice work.

 Monday 3/24/08-Easy run at school with Coach Siegle @ 8:30 a.m. strides and core after.  Brian runs a lap and doesn’t feel so swell yet- decides to cross train instead. Brian does 65 minutes in pool.

Week of 3/17/08

Listen while you read.

Monday 3-17-08- Quick team meeting.  Runners get an easy day to prep for tomorrow’s threshold, nice weather out kids run anywhere between 30 (jv) to 50 mintes followed by 10 strides.  Keith does a few Canato’s following his run and Wallach does 6x150m in sets of 2 (1600pace, 800pace, 400pace).  Everyone does core following. Good weather 55 and sunny.

Tuesday 3/18-08- Threshold work. 3 miles up, kids did one more 1150 loop than they did the previous week.  Novice group completed two laps at a time as opposed to one.  Some notable performances included Mancuso’s 10 laps @ 41:22 for 5:42 a mile on grass. Workout is listed here.  (copy-of-3-11.xls) Brad and Keith go to the track and 2x500m 2x400m and 2x300m followed by 3×200.  Wallack finishes with 3x200m on the back end of his tempo.  Kids looked great. Lets be smart and attack the workout on Thursday- easy and core tomorrow- they’re calling for rain so dress for the elements. 

Wednesday 3/19/08-Easy day for most- Katie does an easy run then starts a few fast 200’s with ‘coes’ in between. Brian Leung spends an hour pool running.  Mancuso said his kneeish area hurts.   Group core after, runs span from a 9 plus mile lenpare loop to a 5 mile 40 some minute run, short team meeting first- REMEMBER TO SEND YOUR BIO PICTURE…AND NO TING TING I DON’T MEAN ..

Thursday 3/20/08-

Kids met at the track before congregating to quickly stretch, drill and stride- we had to ‘dubba time’ because there was a lacrosse scrimmage that had track time @ 4:00. Nonetheless the guys n gals managed to once again get a great workout in. The girls averaged around 78-79 in horribly windy conditions- Katie ran about 76-77 looking very strong- JV hovered around 88-95. Guys gutted out as great workout- Mancuso muscled out consistent 65-66 into the wind and Foy and company followed suit- everyone looked great- no complaining- no moaning- WHAT A GROUP! 2nd boys group was hitting 75-80 at the front- looked great- newcomer Carmichael and several freshman finished the whole workout (never ran before!!). Great time- whole thing managed to be done by 4:03- pretty awesome!!!! Light core after. Brian biked 30 minutes at lunch and pool ran for 75 minutes for 1:45 of aerobic activity- shin gradually improving. 

Friday 3/21/08– easy recovery run for most before tomorrow’s long run.  Brian did 80 minutes in the pool while Coach Wayton took part in some body rockin’ excercise of his own.

Saturday 3/22/08- weather ended up cooperating with us more than I expected- kids did well- I met with Katie and Schmitty at 8:30 so they could get to other obligations- Schmitty did about 10 miles at 6:45 pace followed by miles of 5:41, 5:45, and 5:40- looked great! Katie did a little under 10 miles followed by 4  miles at 6:00,6:13,6:14 and 6:12 for a hair under 14- looked strong!!! Everyone else showed up around 9:30 and did their long ruin followed by miles at threshold.  Foy did about 70-75 minutes (no watch_ followed by 3 miles at 17:05- looked awesome- he’s coming back fast.  Lisa Sher tore off a 7:11, Schoepfer did his last 3 miles in 5:40-43 pace, Mckee did 11.5 miles at an up-tempo pace followed by 4 mile sin 23:33 for 15.5 miles in about 1:41!!!.  Graham Alig (ww-p alum) wasn’t far behind in 24 flat- good work today!!! We’re putting the puzzle together!!! The ladies did great- Tiffy and Ashley did 3 miles at threshold at thesh. following their distance run- everyone looked great- Mancuso felt crappy but still gutted out 14 plus miles!!!

Sunday 3/23/04- Easy run oyo!!!

Indoor 2007-2008

We’re doing it!!!!!! you kids really have thrown it all out there- at the begining of our season I’m pretty certain that the indoor school record for the boys dmr stood at 10:55.06 – this eason we hammered home a 10:18.76 that sits 20th in STATE HISTORY.  Three years ago the  school record for the boys indoor 3200m stood at 9:41 (Graham Alig)  Now we have the All-Time state record at 8:59.66.  We have a freshman boy who through a little otughness and consistecy has run faster over a mile then any freshman boy before him at South- we have a sophomore wo runs 4:27 indoors- a sectional champion at 800- nearly a dozen young men under 5- girls who work hard and lay it on the line to compete when others would fold- a young lady who – when she’s ready- can become amongst the country’s best. Things are moving! Well what do we do now? We put it out there!!! We become a program that people talk about for ever- we do all the right things!!!  That’s what we do– we build on what we’ve done- we take utmost pride in our team- we take it upon ourselves to make the utmost recognition that BRIAN’S SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!!! That kid was a runtish sophomore three years ago who made all the same mistakes that any one of you have/ do make- he lacked competiveness at times, he made stupid mistakes, he lost contact- he did it all!!!! What he learned to do is find consistency– find health- stay away from the drinking, the partying,  etc- he denied himself and he sacrificed everything that the other kids will soon forget anyway- the stupid parties, the trouble etc.  Anyone can break the rules and not give it their all- anyone!!!  Those kids are a dime a dozen!!!!  But if you do the right thing- IF WE …WE DO THE RIGHT THING and lay it all out there you get to touch greatness.  How great do we want to be? How special can we make this??? What are we going to do about it?????!!!!! Where is the NEXT 8:59 guy????? Who’s going to give Katie some company??????? We have tons of awesome kids on the team- lets go- Lets go!!!!

Week of 3/10/08

Listen while you get inspired.

Sunday 3-16-08- Most kids take off or do an easy run.  Brian Leung runs a NJ state record 8:59.66 for 3rd place at Nike Indoor Nationals in Landover Md.

Saturday- 3/15/08- Kids ran 60-80 minutes at M pace followed by 2-3 miles at Threshold pace. Schoepfer and Katie race down in Maryland.  Schoepfer runs a Pirate best for a mile for a freshman in 4:43 and Katie runs a respectable 18:01 for 5th!

Friday 3/14/08- Kids do a recovery run (4-7) followed by core work.

Thursday 3/13/08- 13 minute warm-up, guys hit 10x 400m in 66,65,67,66,64,65,65,64,63,64, Mancuso and Keith led the first 6, Mancuso the last 4. Girls did 74,78,78,78,78,78,80,78, same 125m rest, short cooldown. Darmofal did the Pole vault because he drinks Mt. Dew and thinks he’s “x-games material”. Good workout- perfect weather.  Everyone looked great- the cycle began every 2:45 but the pace was fast- Foy looked great- the sophomore crew looked great- we had 4-7 guys under 70 on every one! You people are fit- the girls work together like a college team! Awesome!!!!!! heck Grant averaged 75!!!  Great work by all of you!!Wednesday 3/12/08- Recovery day. Ran 30 to 45 minutes followed by 5 to 8 strides and core. Kellner ran 8 400s @ 78 seconds, 2:30 intervals. Scheopfer ran 8 400s @ 70 seconds, 2:20 intervals. Brian did 5 mile tempo (5:15, 5:16, 5:16, 5:15, 5:16) followed by 8 400s @ 68 seconds, 2:00 intervals. All did 4 strides after. Weather was cold and windy.

Tuesday 3/11/08- Threshold day. 3 miles warm-up. Times are listed (3-11.xls) <- there. Core after. Lots of people looked good, Katie and Sam looked incredible (5:54/mile)- McKee had another solid day and Schoepfer Schmitty and Franks had a nice pack- good work. Foy’s first half was awesome- Tiffy and Tingy looked strong as did Shelby and Ashy, Becky etc- we’re getting there!!! Freshman and novice did 4-5 1150 loops. Looked good- some real talent in there!!! For the top guys – you did 3 miles up plus 6.4 miles and a jog down- that’s 10 miles! Top girls did around 9. Very impressive!!! 50 yen did 30 minutes on the bike am and 30 minutes easy pm plus strides- very encouraging as his shin’s been sore.Monday 3/10/08-Most folks did an easy 35-40 minutes followed by group stretch, drills, and strides. The senior boys warmed up and did the classic 4-3-2-1. Darmofal broke 5 for the first time in 4:56, followed by Brad in 5:10, the 1200 was a hardy 4:02, they came back with a 2:25/2:27 and a 58/ 61 to finish up though. Nick came back and did a 5 mile mile warm-up followed by a 5 mile threshold at 6 minute pace and a mile down to make it an 11 mile day. 50 did 2 twenty minute bike rides to rest a sore shin. We’re doing a great job- we have to support our progression as a team and encourage the newcomers to stay with it so they someday may become the next piece of our pirate puzzle. We have about 3 weeks of hard grunt work until we start the logical progression towards our ultimate goals, Penn Relays, State Championships and beyond- I’m proud of all of you. Lets get after it!!!!!!

Week of 3/3/08


Monday 3/3/08- Most kids just did easy distance followed by a few strides.  50 did a about  11 between two runs. At lunch he did 4 followed by 6.5 plus strides for about 11 on the day.  Katie and Tiffy headed over to the tow path for a longer run.  They hit the 5.5 out and back to Carnegie Rd. and the Peacock house.  Katie and Tiffy hit 43 flat on the way out (7:48 pace) and pick it up on the way back.  Katie hit 40:40 (7:23 pace)  and Tiffy hit 41:20 (7:30 pace).  Katie rested about 2 minutes then ran the marked mile in 5:55 for 12 miles in 1:29 and change.  Both ladies did 4 strides after.  Weather was warm but windy. 

 Tuesday 3/4/08

Most kids to a 13 minute warm-up then a 10k tempo on the Big St. David’s loop (3-4-08.xls) followed by two laps and 10-12 strides.  Keith runs 3 miles on the track in 17:45.  He didn’t enjoy it. But it was a good start.

50 yen (4 miles am) and Schoepfer run 4 miles up- stretch drills strides (8) then get into their workout.  Brian runs a 4:32 1600, rests 28 seconds, run a 2:16 800, rest 44 seconds- runs a 2:07, amounts to 8:55, jogged a lap an ran 6×600 @67-70, mostly 67 on a strict 2 minute cycle-, Schoepfer runs an 800 in 2:17- rests 43 seconds- then runs 2:15- (amounts to a 4:32) followed by the same 6×400- 2 laps and 4 strides cd.  Great workout. Core after. Katie and Tiffy run easy 40 minutes plus strides.

Wednesday 3/6/08– Most guys did an easy 40 minutes plus 10 strides.  Brian runs 4.5 am and 6.5 PM.  Katie had to her tempo today (4 mi) she ran 20 minutes up despite very strong winds she managed miles  @ 5:55, 11:55, 17:53, 23:47, followed by a few laps easy and 8 strides with alum Kay Beach. Core after.

Thursday 3/6/08-  Brian (3 miles am) and Schoepfer did a 20 minutes warm-up followed by their tempos.  50 ran 32:51 (5:16, 5:16, 5:13, 5:16, 5:15, 5:12, 77) then rested for about a minute or so before running an 800 faster than race pace.  He ran 2:08 (65, 63).  Schoepfer ran 5 miles (5:36, 11:32, 17:22, 23:30, 29:20).  Both did easy jogging after and strides.  Rest of the groups did 13 minutes up stretched, drills, strides and 8*400 with 125m rest.  Guys hit 65, 67, 67, 67, 66, 64, 64, 64, 65.  Girls hit 73, 76, 78, 77, 76, 76, 77, 76.  Easy jogging after.   

Not really anything to do with training but everyone should watch this Heather girl from Minnesota in the 600m………tough!!!

Friday 3/7/08- quick team meeting followed by an easy run- weather was horrible- rainy and cold- core after as a team.

Saturday 3/8/08- easy run oyo (on your own). Weather was warm but rainy.  Hopefully kids all watched track or were perusing Flotrack to watch Indiana State’s Erica Moore run the 6th fastest time in D1 at 2:05.7 and Indiana State’s Men’s DMR qualify for Nationals.  

Sunday 3/9/08-

Practice at 12:00 PM at Alexander Rd. and the DnR canal- Turning Basin Park. Directions to Park here It was the Tale of Two Long runs- it was the best of times, it was the worst of times,Brian hit 15 in 90:00- it seems about half of us had cruddy runs and the other half got great work in. I got in as many kids as I could- here’s what I have-the beginners got in about 5 steady miles followed by aone mile repeat harder than their previous pace. Andrew hit 6:20ish, as did B-Unit. Robin hit 7:09 and Lisa Sher hit 6:47. McKee and Mancuso got in about 90 minutes at 6:45 pace followed by 2 miles at threshold for 15 total. Mancuso didn’t feel so well and as evident by his body language      was less-than- thrilled to be running the threshold miles-nonetheless he got ’em in and made one more step towards being a champion. Foy hit 80 steady minutes followed by one mile at 6:00.Kellner hit 82 minutes (back 3 minutes faster) and ran her last mile in around 6:00. Keith did 70:00 minutes with his new training partner Grant and ran one mile in a miraculous 5:20 (how does he do it?). Here’s some reading material on Peter Snell and Arthur Lydiard. Others either couldn’t make it because of religious and medical commitments or had some bad stomach cramps that hindered their effort. All in all- Pretty Good day!!!