Week of 2/25/08

Listen while you read!!! 

Monday 2/25/08-  Easterns guys do 30-40 minutes with a few strides- everyone else about the same. Katie and McKee do 20 minutes warm-up, 5:47, 11:50, 23:50 29:37 (5 miles). Katie then does 800m easy and 8 strides.  McKee ran 11:30, 17:25, 17:53, 18:05, 23:12, 28:59, 35:59.  Ash runs 36:30.  

 Tuesday 2/26/08-  Sam, Joe, Keith, and Brian WIN EASTERNS!! Splits were 3:12, 52, 1:58, 4:14.  Sam and Keith cool down for 10 and 10.  Brian does 4 miles cooldown and then 8 strides.  Don’t know if Joe cooled down or not.  The night was capped off with gyros.  Other guys do two mile up, then five mile tempo run on the track. 

Wednesday 2/27/08- Everybody does easy maintenance run (40 minutes).  Sam and Joe go for 3 miles.  Keith does 15 minutes and strides on his own.  Brian and Kevin run 44 minutes at a quick pace, but not too quick, then did 8 strides. 

Thursday 2/28/08- Everyone does 13 minute warm up, drills, and 8  400 m laps.   Schmidt, Schoepfer, + Darmofal all hit 69 sec consistently, and the remainder fall in behind.  Shelbs, Tiffy, + Becky hit 79 sec followed by Ashley, Fachima, + Sari.  2 laps cool down. Very windy today and freezing outside.

Friday 2/29/08- Extremely windy although not as cold as yesterday.  Still, conditions on the track were not great.  Everyone does an easy maintenance run.  Macaluso runs 3 miles followed by strides.  Brian does 40 minutes with Frankel and went right into a 10k tempon on the track: Total 33:03  Splits 5:18, 5:17, 5:17, 5:16, 5:16, 5:15, 78.  3 minutes later, does 1k in 2:52. Two laps down. 

Saturday 3/1/01- Kids meet at the tow path for their long run.  Most of the varsity guys complete 13 miles plus in 95 minutes- girls do about 85.

Sunday 3/2/08- Take Brian and Mancuso up to Bernards for a run with Grote and Doug Smith. Brian and Smith do about 15.5 in 1:40 while mancuso does about 14 in 1:37.  God run good weather.  Coach Wayton consumes about 4 thousand calories in an hour plus at a local eatery.