MOC 2/23/08

First things first- Brian’s race was the most amazing thing I’ve ever been a part of. You followed directions and executed courageously.  2:19 @ the 800, 4:36 @ the mile, 8:27 at 3k.  4:24 last mile-2:40 last K, 2:08 last 800, on and on- I’ll post the video as soon as I can to the multimedia- there’s nothing more I can say on the matter- you’re the toughest kid I’ve ever been around- period.

Katie- you’re on your way- big PR!! 10:17 at 3k- through the mile at 5:21- you make an extra push and you’re on the victory stand some day.  I’m proud of you!

Mancuso- you got out well in comparison to the guys who were in your group- but the inside was moving much faster- don’t make that mistake at Easterns!!! once there you were concerned a bit too much about how you felt- i could see it- you were making the faces- calm down out there! take it and accept it- it’s part of athletics- all in all it’s  sophomore mistakes- you’ll learn! You have more than enough talent and guts to win this race one day!!!! Do the work!!! I’m proud of you.  4:20 outdoors?

Keith- same- sophomore mistakes- you have to be in better position! You got caught back and never were able to make an impact- we’ll work on it- I’m proud of the strides you’ve made this season and excited to see what you have in store outdoors!!! I’m proud of you- lets make the finals outdoors and move towards sub 1:55.