Week of 2/11/08


Sunday- Easy run for most, Mancuso sandwiched his qualifying 4:27 (3rd all-time indoors) with a 13 minute warmup followed by 5 and 5.  50 surrounded his US#1 9:02.6 with a 13 minute warmup and a 10 minute cooldown followed by strides.  Katie the same, Keith didn’t get to cooldown (sore hammy). Becky, T2 and Shelby all cooledown and warmed up as usual- with a bunch of big fat PR’s in the middle!!! WE DID GREAT!!!!!

Saturday-2/16/08- Meet at Tow path @ 9:30 am, Frankel and McKee run 14.4 miles to whitehead rd. and back.  McKee runs 1:37, Frankel about 10 minutes off the back. Everyone else does 11 miles to Carnegie rd. / Peacock House and back. Kids try to come back at threshold, Schoefs goes out in 38 and comes back in 35:30, Wallack comes back 50 secs. faster in 37:10- Max and Sameer come back in 37:30ish , all in all between 1:13:30-1:15:30 for 11 miles, Girls (Santhiya and Julio) do 11 miles in 1:32 coming back slightly faster.  Good weather- tow path  sloppy.

Friday-2/15/08- Captains Practice at 9:30 am, rest of kids show at normal time- easy run followed by strides.  KK runs on her own, Keith G runs down in Willingboro, and BL completes 11 miles between two runs.

Thursday 2/14/08-All kids did a 13 minute warm-up followed by stretching, drills, and 8 strides.  Those- running Saturday did a mixture of easy repeats at race pace followed by easy running strides and core. Brian and Sam did 4×400 @ race pace followed by 300 and 200 slightly faster, Katie, Tingy, Becky and Shelby did 4×400 @ GP followed by 4 easy 200’s at goal pace, easy jogging and strides after. Everyone else did 8X400@ 71 with a 125m rest jog. 

Wednesday-2/13/08-easy run drills and sore work- BL and SM hit the treadmill at Golds Gym-Brian did 60 minutes @ 6:15 pace plus core. Mancuso does 50 minutes @ MP + core.  Most girls did an easy indoor run (1st all year) and stretching, drills core- katie did 50 minutes on the treadmill plus core.

Tuesday-2/12/08-BL- 4 miles am, PM-5 mile warm-up then 6 mile tempo at 5:20/5:21/5:18/5:21/5:21/5:19, 400 @ 3200 GP, 2 laps down. 10k @ 33:10 in the snow – bad footing etc.  Sam does 5 miles up, 3 miles at thresh, then 6 x400m @ GMP on a 2 minute cycle, 2 laps down.   Everyone else does 2 mile warm-up, 4.1 miles on the road- 4 laps on the track. McKee hits just under 6 minute pace- course pretty bad especially on 571. Snowy and horrible out.  Katie did 30 min. warm-up, 4 mile tempo in 25 min (6:15).  2 miles down.  MD girls did 8x400m on a 2 minute cycle.  Everyone else did 13 minutes easy then 5.3 miles at tempo pace- 2 laps cooldown and core.

Monday-2/11/08 Recovery run and core work- cold as all get out!

Brian L did 2 runs , 4+7 and strides (11.5), Recovery run- really cold out- core after.

35 easy minutes and strides.