Race Comments

Sectional Meet 2/10/08

Katie- 1600- good job pushing the pace- hey- like I said- 90 percent of the time that kids going to go by you- she out kicks girls that run under 2:20- I’m proud that you made her work for it. It came back to help you in your romping 3200 victory- 11:09- an indoor pr – after you ran your 5:16- this weekend just ht the gas and GO!! You’ve never been ready- you’re racing with confidence and conviction.  Run to win this weekend- even if you don’t you’ll push yourself to a tremendous time.

Shelby- looking at your splits it looks like you had a rough time in there-you didn’t- you held your position well and defended it at the end. You went out super fast for the first 3 laps- which is fine- you’ll be all that more ready this weekend- if you can be a little ,more aggressive in the middle of the race and trust your fitness you’ll be a monster this weekend!!! Congrats on making it to states!!!

Tingy- very nice race- you’re pretty fast though- and a little extra concentration will give you the ability to use it to get by that girl next week- Maybe back off the first 400 just a hair next week and push the middle a little harder- if you do that you’ll end up with an 11……? Congrats on making it to states!!!!!!

Becky- 90% of a great race-a good race nonetheless- 1. you got out great- in perfect condition- not too fast- hit eh 400 at 70- which is fine- where you should be- then you relaxed a bit- looked like you were worrying- don’t worry- you’re in the best shape of your life! Hang in there and use your excellent speed and strength to do some real damage on the last lap- you did 1, 2 perfect this past weekend- lets finish it!!!!! Congrats on making it to states!!!

Tiffy- brave race- your strength almost carried you to states- we’ll continue to work and get you to outdoors in great shape- your leadership along with Santhiya has been spectacular- keep up the great work!

Brian- well- things couldn’t have gone much better to this point- you’re an aerobic monster and really can’t do much more in that department.  All you have to do now is pay attention to pace and race tactics- 67.5/ 2:15/4:30/6:45/9:00.  Learn it, live it, run it. 4:47/4:36 right after running a 4:18- that 7th lap may have been a little too aggressive.- cost you an even 4:30. Remember- spread out your aggression- Clint Eastwood- he kills bandits over a 3 hour movie- consistently- anyone can get lucky at the OK coral- Eastwood kills you every day. It burns inside him.  I’ll stop now in case the analogy is lost on you guys…hahahah.

Mancuso- for whatever reason you convinced yourself to be in poor mood- you might have a bug or something but feeling good doesn’t have to relate to running fast- get your sleep- eat well, do the little things- and commit to finishing the race! and you’ll run under 4:30 and get to states- it’s not going out as fast this week- so your splits should be more even- know this though- you have to be aggressive out there!!! You have to race the middle- gotta get a benevolent mean streak in you! Your fitness is there- and even if it wasn’t there’s nothing you can do about it now. It’s up to you big guy!! Time to make the donuts!!!!! (gotta go to work).

Keith- you’re becoming more and more coachable- learn to pay attention to the little things (diet) and you’ll emerge as a top runner- at the very top- you have as much speed as anyone over 400m- commit to increasing your muscular and aerobic strengths and you’ll be THE GUY!!! Great race, congrats on winning a sectional championship- don’t be satisfied though! Get out there and look for the next peak- same exact tactics this week- but you’re going to have to stay even closer!!!!

Darmofal- simply put one of the best races you’ve had- you made a major impact in this race- looked great- you can run as close to 2 as you want outdoors- how close do you want to get??? I’m very proud of you.

County Meet 2/3/08

Brian- 1600- good- I thought you raced well- my only point of criticism would be your 400-800 area- you let the pace lag there a bit- other than that you led wire to wire- did great- you’re fit!!!, 3200- went well- 4:53 at the mile, home in 4:30. 9 flat is around the corner- lets stay healthy and keep it simple down the stretch.

 Mancuso-1600- very good- 2:13 at the half- nice and tight- something to think about for Sunday- don’t get gapped- not even a little bit- just drift right off everyone’s shoulder- also- especially in the 3200- hug the rail- you were out in lane 2 almost.  Little stuff from here out.  Major goals ahead of us, 1. Lets eat into the 4:20’s as much as we can, 2. I’d like to get a 9:40 before we’re outside- two more weeks for that!, 3. if you can hit a 3:17 we’re going to Penn!!!.  You’re on your way- you’re doing all the right things- I’m very proud of you. You’re doing great! Emerging into one of the best talents in the state!!!

 McKee- sick but out of it as well- in a championship race you can’t run the engine with the regulator in there- you were shootin’ at the hip.  

 Keith- I know you’re disappointed but I saw a lot of good in your race.  Lets go through it.  1. you got beat off the line, thumbs down. 2,. You spent 190 meters repenting for the sin of the first 10m’s , thumbs neutral.  3. you weren’t in position to strike- thumbs down, 4, you didn’t give up ‘til the line- BIG THUMBS UP!  You’ll get there- great speed in the relay!  It’s strength you need- and I don’t mean ‘I want to play football strength’….aerobic strength.  You can win this weekend if you pay attention to the 4 points above.

 Darmofal- Great race- a perfect race would have been a determined a-b evil steel cold death blow of a kick the last 70 m.  Everything else was great! Proud of you.

 Nathan- got out cruddy- didn’t respond- Nate you’re fast and fit enough to where u could have at least sat on Chris’s shoulder- lets work on that from here on out!!! You’re there!

 Schmitty- good job buddy- hit the half at 2:20- for your info- last year- Foy and Mancuso caboosed the final in 4:52 and 4:53- look at what they went on to do- that’s you- keep committing to the long runs- stay the course- and you’re on your way!!!

Katie – wow- first- I’m very very very proud of your 1600- remember- the farther we push down the mile and 800 the more efficiently you run at your 3200 pace- the faster you eventually become.  I predict you will eventually become very fast. Lets continue to work on the plyo’s core and track-work. You’re super motivated and hungry! Stay with it!!!

Tiffy- you’re doing great- no matter what I put you in you get do all the right things- I’m so proud of you- a student of the sport!! I think we can have three girls under 5:25 this spring and a 4×8 that can break the school record! (9:49) Becky to Tiffy to Shelby to Katie.  Can you help get us there?

Ting Ting- you run the 3rd 800 tough this weekend we creep under 12 and go to states!!!! You’re gonna do it!!!!!!

Shelby- you know how I know you’re tough? because at the end when there’s someone next to you you go after them HARD!!! 5:39 is on our way to 5:20’s this spring!!!

Becky- if you get out well this weekend you’ll run GREAT- if you get out in a bad sport the same will occur- we’ll work on it this week- you know the movie Seabiscuit?- with the bell?  Of course you do.

Santhiya- I can’t believe you- that’s the short of it- keep it up- you’re doing amazing things!!!!!!

I found this from your sophomore year. I couldn’t spell your name yet.