Week of 11/12/18

Saturday 11/17/18– Goal Race. Boys 4th, gals 7th. Great season, I love you all, the end.

Meet of Champs 11/17/18
Bus time-  8:30 am!!
Race Last Meal Warmup To the Line Race.
Boys 7:45 10:00 10:40 11:00 AM
Gals 8:30 10:45 11:25 11:45 AM
Awards Ceremony= 12:30


Friday 11/16/18-light run

Thursday 11/15/18-– light run

Wednesday 11/14/18-50m on grass loop.

Tuesday 11/13/18-lower leg drills, 15:00 up, SDS (8) 8*200 in 30/ 35, 2 laps down. Stretch after.

Monday 11/12/18-lower leg drills followed by 1.5 to Lewis Chamberlain Park, guys ran 5 miles, gals 4, on 800m loop. 1.6 miles back to school.



Week of 11/5/18

Sunday 11/11/18– 60 m and 10 x 100m

Saturday 11/10/18-state groups- both teams 4th 😦

Friday 11/9/18– 2-3 miles

Thursday 11/8/18-7-9 miles followed by 10 x 100m

Wednesday 11/7/18– 7.5-9 miles at 6:30/ mi followed by 4  x 100

Tuesday 11/6/18-BIG 15s followed by lower leg drills, 15:00 up, SDS (8) followed by 800 at faster than goal 5k, short rest, 3200m at LT, 400m at a good clip. Guys went 2:18- 2:25, 30s rest, 3200 at 10:30-10:49, 30 s rest 400 in 62-68, gals went 2:47- 2:50, 12:33, 70-75, 5-10 min.

Monday 11/5/18– BIG 10s followed by Lower leg drills and 30 min on track (rainy and windy)

Boys ran 5.5 miles or so, gals ran 4.5 miles plus.

Week of 10/29/18

Sunday 11/4/18-60 minutes and 10 x 100m

Saturday 11/3/18-Boys win ! gals 2nd!

Friday 11/2/18– visualization, meeting, 30:00, x 4 x 100m.

Thursday 11/1/18-Big 10s 40:00 steady- 100 x 100m

Wednesday 10/31/18– JV state champs!!! Boys finished 3rd among top teams in the state!!!! Great job!!!! Varsity performed BIG 10s, Lower leg drills, ran to 1.6 to LCP, boys ran 5 miles at 6:10/ mi, 1.5 mi home, girls ran 4 miles at 7:10/ mi.

Tuesday 10/30/18-those competing at the JV champs performed their re meet assignment. The varsity squad performed BIG 26s followed by lower leg drills and 1.6 miles up to LCP,  2 x 1 mile at  LT, and 6 x 225m at faster than mile pace, 1.5 mi down.

Monday 10/29/18-Bus to Thompson Park, gals ran the last 1.25 miles 7 times and finished with 10 x 100m, guys ran the last 1.25 9 times and finished with 10 x 100m, Developmental group ran 45 minutes on the last 1.25m of course followed by SDS (8) and 4x200m (150m rest jog) followed by 10:00 easy.

Week of 10/22/18

Sunday 10/28/18-75m in soft surfaces.

Saturday 10/27/18-BIG 10s followed by lower leg drills and 30m up tempo on track in driving rain.

Friday 10/26/18– BIG 26’s followed by lower leg drills and 15:00 up, SDS (8) followed by…

Top gals and guys ran 2600m at goal 5k pace followed by 4 laps easy and 8 x 300m at faster than goal 3200 pace (100m walk rest)- 2 laps down, heavy squat followed by one lap easy.

Thursday 10/25/18-easy regeneration day. 40 m run

Wednesday 10/24/18-BIG 26’s followed by lower leg drills, 1.6 miles to LCP, 6 x 800m with a 200m kicker followed by 1.5 miles down.  Details below.

Tuesday 10/23/18– BIG 26s!!! (highest ever!!!!!!) followed by lower leg drills and a 1.5 mile run to LCP, steady 3-6 miles on grass 800m loop, 1.5 miles back for 6-9 on the day.

Monday 10/22/18-BIG 25s followed by lower leg drills and 15:00 up, SDS (8) followed by

top dudes and gals  4 x 1 mile at LT with short 90s focus break. guys avg’d 5:21, gals 6:20 or so. 10m cooldown followed by 3 sets of 5 reps squat . developmental groups ran 8 x 800m at LT pace, 2 laps down.

Week of 10/15/18

Cheat Sheets for Mercer Co Champs!!!

Varsity MCC Champs
Bus Last Meal Warmup Line Start
Ladies 2:00 12:45 3:00 3:40 4:00
Hunks 2:00 1:15 3:30 4:10-4:15 4:30ish
JV Champs
Arrival Last Meal Warmup Line Start
8:50 7:00 9:20 10:00 10:20
9:30 7:40 10:00 10:40 11:00

Sunday 10/21/18– 60 minutes and strides.

Saturday 10/20/18– JV boys and gals win counties!!!! Varsity athletes ran 11.5-13.5 miles followed by 10 x 100m.

Friday 10/19/18-Boys and gals win counties!!!!!

Thursday 10/18/18– lower leg drills followed by light run.

Wednesday 10/17/18– Lower leg drills followed by a light run and a few strides for top groups, those racing Saturday ran 1.5 miles to LCP and 10 x 200m on grass with full rest, 1.5 miles back.

Tuesday 10/16/18– BIG 25s followed by lower leg drills and  6-8 miles on grass and 10 x 100m barefoot.

Monday 10/15/18– BIG 25s!!!!! followed by lower leg drills. 20 minutes up, SDS (8) everyone did a version of the following workout 6 x 800m on a short cycle followed by a quick rest and 200m sprint. 2 laps down and quick squat routine followed by an additional 1 lap jog.

Week of 10/8/18


Friday 10/12/18-Those competing tomorrow completed lower leg drills ran 6-8 miles and strides. Those not competing completed BIG 24s followed by 1.5 m up, SDS (4) and 6-8x 800m on a 4-5:00 cycle.

Top guys were led by Jon Sauer with a 2:35 avg on a 4:00c, top ladies led by Jillian with a 2:55 avg (7x 8 4:30c). 1.5 miles down and 4 x 100m sprints.

Thursday 10/11/18– rest day (light run) and mindfulness exercises.


Wednesday 10/10/18-BIG 24s, lower leg drills, run to Lewis Chamberlain Park, 10-16 laps on 1/2 mile grass loop, run back to school. 8-11 on the day. 

Tuesday 10/9/18– 15:00/ SDS (8) 5k race, cooldown, some naughty little boys had to run 17 x 275 on a very short (60s) cycle after their race.

Monday 10/8/18– kids ran 4-6 miles with strides.

Week of 10/1/18

Saturday 10/9/18-those racing raced at holmdel. Those not racing ran at Turning Basin Park 9-10 miles plus a kicker and 10-20 x 100m

Friday 10/8/18- those racing at Holmdel did their pre meet assignment. Those not racing ran 6-7 miles and 12 x 100m

Thursday 10/7/18- BIG 23s, lower leg drills those not competing Saturday ran 12-16x 400m on a short cycle, standard warmup and cooldown.

Wednesday 10/6/18- BIG 23s- lower leg drills, mileage at Lewis Chamberlain park at prescribed cycles.6-9 mi

Tuesday 10/2/18- 5k race, varsity held back.

Monday 10/1/18- mileage and strides.

Week of 9/24/18-

Saturday 9/29/18– long run at Holmdel Park with the fighting Raiders of Hillsborough.

Friday 9/28/18-workout (attached)

Thursday 9/27/18– recovery run at Lewis Chamberlain Park

Wednesday 9/26/18-15:00 up, SDS  (8) followed by 5k race followed by short jog followed by 20-25 x 100m

Tuesday 9/25/18-meet postponed until tomorrow. lower leg drills, 40 minutes at maintenance pace followed by 12 x 100m on a 50 s cycle.

Monday 9/24/18-core followed by lower  leg drills followed by 6-8 miles and 12 x 100m.